Swaziland Children

There are just over half a million children in Swaziland, a small landlocked country surrounded by South Africa to the north, west and south and Mozambique to the east.

For every ten Swaziland children, one is orphaned, making orphans accounting for a huge 5% of the kingdom's population. It is anticipated that this figure will worsen as HIV/AIDS infection rates amongst 20-30year olds approach 50% ~ the number of children dying from being born with AIDS has also doubled in the last fifteen years.

This cycle is having a devastating impact on the central tenet of life in Swaziland, the family, as most families are simply disintegrating as older members die.

With no adults to care for them, not even extended family or neighbours, these orphaned children quickly fall into deeper poverty and hunger making attending school impractical leaving themselves vulnerable to the already widespread child trafficking in Swaziland with children being trafficked both internally and to other countries.

Swaziland ChildrenFor girls this mainly includes domestic servitude and sexual exploitation whilst for boys the trafficking is normally for forced labour and begging or selling in markets.

Coupled with a lack of health care professionals and with 40% of all children in Swaziland suffering from chronic malnutrition, life outcomes for children are poor with a life expectancy of just 49years.

Most children in Swaziland (79%) live in poor, rural communities who fathers, if alive, work on the land in subsistence farming.


Swaziland Children

Swaziland Children

Swaziland Children

Swaziland Children


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Swaziland Children

Their home is often a run down hut without access to running water or electricity and the majority use pit latrines for sanitation. Drinking contaminated water and using unsanitary toilets contributes to 80% of all sickness and diseases in Swaziland, claiming the lives of one in ten children under the age of 5yrs old. Most children in Swaziland have four brothers and sisters and their father may take more than one wife with each wife and children living within the family compound with the individual  accommodation being separated by a fence made of reeds or similar material.

This video simply shows a few children from Swaziland dancing, singing and having fun and serves the need of drawing attention to the fact the above statistics affect real children, today. There are many charities you can contact to help children in Swaziland, offering practical aid, health care, education and much more. Check out our child sponsor in Swaziland page to review them.


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