Guinea Children

Guinea Children




The little child from the Republic of Guinea in the video below dances happily every time the guitar is played and is probably blissfully unaware of the harsh future that awaits him. He probably has just over fifty years to live, is likely to grow up illiterate and will in all probability not have access to safe drinking water. And that's just if he's lucky.

If he's one of the unlucky Guinea children he will be abandoned at a young age, sold and put to work or even killed and have his body parts removed for medical purposes or even in sacrificial ceremonies for, today, after years of economic mismanagement and repressive rule, Guinea stands as one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Guinea Children

Adult illiteracy is high, school enrolment poor and maternal mortality is amongst the highest in the world. In rural areas 35% of households do not have access to safe water supplies and life expectancy is around 57 years.

Human Development Index for Guinea-Conakry 2005 - Present

The HDI (Human Development Index) is measured by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and the World Bank and is based upon the life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and living standards of a country. Guinea-Conakry is in 178th place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 and the chart below shows how levels of poverty and living standards in Guinea-Conakry fall far short of other sub Saharan African nations.

Work undertaken with Guinea children includes supporting families, working with orphaned and homeless children, school projects and developing health care programs. They need your help to make a better future for the children of Guinea.

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