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Child Sponsor Kenya




Kenya with its population of 39 million is widely regarded as a stable and peaceful country, however there have been incidents of border issues particularly with Somalia, where Kenya has been keen to broker peace talks against its warring neighbour. Despite this relative stability, the child population of Kenya faces many challenges from widespread poverty affecting more than half of the country, recurring droughts and high levels of crime and unemployment. Kenya is also home to one of the world's largest slums, Kibera, where conditions are particularly atrocious with little or no sanitation and most families living in 12ft by 12Ft metal shacks with no essential services.

Kenya in 143rd place out of 187 countries and territories in 2011 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country. Life expectancy in Kenya is currently 56.5yrs with 79% of the population living in rural areas reliant on impoverished subsistence farming that, coupled with poor health care resources (one doctor for every 10,000 people), drives many into further poverty as income drops when the family earner becomes ill when suffering from HIV (6.3% of the population), water borne diseases and malaria. Another factor for the rising levels of poverty in Kenya is the tripling of the population in just 30 years placing an unsustainable burden on available land and already poor resources such as access to a safe water supply (52% of the rural population) and improved sanitation (32% of the rural population.)

Thousands of children live on the streets of Kenya's cities in a vain attempt to secure a better future to escape this poverty. Child sponsor programs in Kenya focus on working with orphan and abandoned children, providing practical support such as goats who can supply milk for children and the excess milk can then be sold as an additional source of income together with education, health and water programs. Other work includes the development of new sustainable farming techniques, skill learning such as sewing and carpentry to decrease the reliance on subsistence agriculture and rolling out HIV/AIDS awareness and anti-viral programs.You can help when you sponsor a child in Kenya.

Child Sponsor Programs Kenya:

SOS Children

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.

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A child sponsor program where you can exchange cards, letters and photos with your sponsored child.

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Your sponsorship will ensure a child has enough to eat, a safe place to live and attend school.

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Sponsor a child in Kenya and give protection and care for a child orphaned by AIDS.

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Child Fund

Sponsor a child in Kenya and build
an on-going relationship with your
child over time.

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Teach a Child

Sponsor an orphaned or vulnerable
child from Nyanza Province in Kenya
to access education.

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Vision Africa

Sponsor a child to fulfil their potential and make a difference in their families and communities.

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Children's Fund

Sponsor a child to receive an education, medical care and two meals each school day.

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Child Sponsor Kenya: Plan

With Plan you form a unique connection with a named child and their family in Kenya.


Child Sponsor Kenya: Equipe

Your sponsorship funds education and meets basic needs until your child leaves school at the age of 16.

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Child Sponsor Kenya: BEADS

With your sponsorship of a girl you receive a photo, school progress reports and a lifelong connection!

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Your Project Here
Child Sponsor Directory

List your child sponsor in Kenya project here for free by filling out this quick form and get listed!

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Street Children

Info, facts and figures about
street children in Kenya and the
challenges they face.

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Maasai Children

A heart warming video of Maasai children from Kenya together with facts and pictures.

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African Children News

All the latest news about children in Africa, their circumstances, children's right developments and legal issues.

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As well as sponsoring a child why not explore volunteering opportunities in Kenya?

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