Ankizy Gasy Foundation

Ankizy Gasy - Children of Madagascar Foundation is a non-profit organization that, amongst many other activities, runs a virtual adoption sponsorship program which  helps to pay for an education for children of the poorest families in the village of Ambohidratrimo located in the Analamanga Region of Madagascar. Thanks to this 'virtual adoption' program a child can to go to school, obtain necessary school tools and have a meal at the school canteen.

This child sponsor program costs approximately £110 a year per child (just over 30p a day ~ less than the price of a newspaper) and covers all school fees in Saint Joseph College for one academic year and also school kits for the individual child.

The sponsored child also receives a lunch everyday at the school, which for many is the only proper meal they will eat during a day. We also run a "feeding program" in local schools which currently consists of providing cups of hot milk enriched in soya powder, being a source of protein, micro and macro elements for the children. There are more than 150 children benefiting from this extra meal at one of our schools and we would love to extend the program to reach more and more hungry children. You can help us achieve that.

As a registered NGO in Madagascar we are also involved in the local community constructing additional classrooms and paying teachers' salaries in poor countryside schools in order to place more children in schools there and we also support families of our pupils who are in a very difficult housing situations many of which have 7-10 members living in small, 4 square metre one-room houses with leaking roofs and no proper beds but a thin foam mattress. In exchange for this help family members come on a weekly rota and help in school's maintenance work such as cleaning, gardening or cooking in the canteen.



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Ankizy Gasy Foundation

We also look for volunteers who are ready to work on site in one of our schools in Madagascar. You can find out more about these volunteer opportunities here. We also welcome all kind of donations. So, if you would like to donate your old clothes, blankets, bed linens, toys or school accessories such as colour paper and colouring books, colour crayons, markers, scissors and glue. please send us an email to us here.

You can also send us a parcel to our school's address at:

ANKIZY GASY-Les Enfants de Madagascar
Saint Joseph College
BP12 Ambohidratrimo
105 Madagascar

Once we receive a parcel we will contact you back with photos of distributing your goods to a needy kids and their families. Every sum of money donated means a lot to us and lets us continue with the work we do on site. If you would like to support financially one of our projects please also contact us to discuss the arrangements.

You can also simply transfer money with a short description to our bank account in Poland where from once a month we transfer funds to Madagascar to cut on big bank transfers fees. For more information about this child sponsorship program, our other activities and how you can help support our work please visit our website at:

Thank you for any kind of support! In Malagasy we say: Misaotra betsaka!



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